Stalker 2

It was about ten years ago when Stalker 2 was first announced. Then, there was a long stretch of absolutely nothing. Last year, Stalker 2 was announced for the second time. Then, there was another stretch of absolutely nothing. Today, Stalker 2 has been announced for the third time.

This triple dip on the announcement came via the official Stalker Twitter account coming to life. the account linked to the official Stalker 2 website, seemingly again promising a 2021 release window, and then showed off some new art for the game (seen at top).
The re-announcement made in 2018 seems to have been done in order to attract the attention of publishers. This was the word shared by Sergey Galyonkin, the current director of publishing for Epic Games. So, uh, maybe the Stalker devs found a publisher finally? We're not sure who that might be yet.

The Stalker 2 website and their Facebook page were also updated with similar content. The website specifically now features the art seen above plus a music track that you can download if you want.