NewsBits: Steam Next Fest June 2024 Edition


  • NewsBits: Steam Next Fest June 2024 Edition

    Demos and more demos.
    Text: (Steam logo) Next Fest from June 10 - June 17 at 10AM PT.

    If you still need a gaming fix in spite of the onslaught of gaming shows that aired over the past several days, maybe you should check out the new Steam Next Fest. Steam Next Fest for June 2024 just kicked off, and once again offers a week of new game trailers, developers talks, and free demos.

    Actually, you know what? I'm going to mention every single game here that I received an email about today as having a demo available on this Next Fest. Between Summer Game Fest, Xbox Game Showcase, and the dozen or so other shows, I've received right around 170 work emails in the past three days. That includes a BUNCH of emails about games that have demos available on the Steam Next Fest now.

    So you know what? I'm just going to list off all of those Steam Next Fest games I received emails about today. That's right, we're turning this into a NewsBits. Deal with it.

    Riven? Yeah, it has a demo on Steam Next Fest today. Solve some puzzles. Do it.

    Vampire Dynasty also has a demo where you are a vampire in an open world adventure. I bet there's blood involved.

    Build up a city fit for some pirates in Republic of Pirates.

    Want to experience a visual novel with a weird name? Go try the demo for B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA.

    Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is "an homage to JRPG classics." I don't think we're supposed to use that term anymore though.

    Celestia: Chain of Fate is another visual novel, this one with a little bit of magic.

    NanoApostle is firmly in the action realm and includes words like "intense" and "reaction-based combat" and "'Destruction Point' system."

    Survive with yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself, and yourself in the demo for The Alters.

    A metroidvania from the Shantae and River City Girls team? Hell yeah, it's Yars Rising.

    CATO sticks a piece of toast to the back of a cat in order to solve puzzles. This one isn't even a joke, that's literally what the game is.

    Pixel art platformer, I'll be Brave, Tomorrow, involves a sick child. I'm sure this will have a happy ending.

    Terrorformer TD is a tower defense game where the land changes as you go on.

    dev_hell is a first-person roguelike deck-builder that fully replicates what real game development is like.

    If you miss the days of Bonzai Buddy, let Weyrdlets fill that void.

    Amanda the Adventurer 2 has a demo. She's back and ready to scare you into solving more puzzles.

    Magic + dragons + adventure + indie development studio = Fading Skies.

    Super Battle Polycars is MOBA-fied Twisted Metal but even lower res.

    Dark and Deep is not a sex game... unless...

    Heavy Cargo - The Truck Simulator doesn't need any additional description.

    If you thought the Farming Sim games were too close to the action, then let Global Farmer show you another perspective.

    Or just go back to ground level farming in Farmer's Dynasty 2.

    Vampire Therapist. Those vampires building up their dynasty are going to need someone to talk to afterwards.

    Despite its name, Haunted Bloodlines does not focus on vampires but it is scary.

    Master Blaster has two rules: Aim and shoot.

    SWORN is an action roguelike for up to four players in co-op.

    The only thing missing from Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers is the smell of smoke and whiskey.

    Pantless is also not a sex game, but "pants are strictly prohibited" in this multiplayer physics-based, climbing game.

    Supermoves is multiplayer parkour focused game with several competitive game modes.

    Experience a dystopian survival sandbox game that is unrelated to City 17 in City 20.

    Become Baba Jaga's apprentice in REKA.

    Odinfall's press release tells us to "get ready for Fragnarok" and that's better than anything I could come up with for this twin-stick roguelite shooter.

    You've conquered supermarkets, power washing, farming, and but now it's time to conquer clothing. Clothing Store Simulator has a demo out now.

    Run a shop in a town full of adorable dinosaurs in Amber Isle.

    Go deep sea diving to uncover the mystery of what happened to a ship in Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss.

    CONSCRIPT is a top-down, survival horror game set in WWI. You play as a French soldier searching for your brother.

    WARCANA checks all the boxes. Assuming those boxes include: An all capitalized title, base defense, real-time strategy, and battle royale.

    Lost Castle 2 is just a good, old-fashioned 2D beat 'em up action game.

    Those looking for a light-hearted adventure and a play on words should check out Caravan SandWitch.

    If Stellar Blade didn't feel your gyatt quota for the year, be sure to check out the bussin, no cap, demo for the new sci-fi stealth action-adventure game Steel Seed. I apologize for NOTHING!

    Hip-hop-infused 2D action meets biopunk meets Japanese mythology in SONOKUNI.

    Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game "set in a strange, post-apocalyptic future." Do NOT confuse this, under any circumstances, with Too Human.

    Demonschool blends tactical strategy gameplay with a light horror narrative.

    On Point is a VR game that brings back some of that old-school arcade light gun experience to a generation that has no idea what a light gun even was.

    Pyrene is a roguelike dungeon-crawler where you use cards to do battle.

    Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is a 2v2 fighting game where everyone fights at the same time but does not star anybody named Vin.

    Become a cat pirate, a "a purrivateer" as it were, in Cat Quest 3.

    A new football sim, Maximum Football, is available in demo format. Those outside the States need not apply.

    Metal Slug Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG set in the Metal Slug universe, which I guess is a thing now.

    Move over, Indiana, because a group of six scientists known as the Sumerian Six are here to strategically punch Nazis and uncover arcane mysteries.

    Kitsune Tails is a super adorable platformer that explores the relationships between kitsune and humans and is apparently a follow-up to Super Bernie World.

    More deckbuilding strategy mixed with colony building and survival, found this time in a game called IRONHIVE.

    And that's it. Maybe that's it? I will probably get more emails after this goes live but it is what it is. I seriously wasn't joking or exaggerating about the number of emails I received since Friday night.

    Steam Next Fest ends June 17 at 10AM PT.
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