CS:GO 360 Stats is a subscription service to see stats that were previously free to view.
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An update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out last night that has angered some players. Ok, it's angered a lot of players out there. First off, Operation Broken Fang has come to an end. You will have until May 15th in order to claim your rewards for said operation.

There are, naturally, other changes included in this update. For instance, Valve has removed Train from the Active Duty Group and added in Ancient. This alone isn't sitting well with some players. Where's Aztec at, Valve? Huh? Where's Dust? Why are these Counter-Strike staples not in the latest CS game? Ugh! Anyway...

Valve updated the chicken models! So, that's cool. Thanks to Reddit user W1ntermu7e for the screenshot seen above.

The big deal that everyone is up in arms about is the fact that Valve introduced something called CS:GO 360 Stats. This is "a subscription service for players that want to continue collecting official Competitive and Wingman stats." The problem here is that these were stats that were previously available to view, for free, during Operation Broken Fang.

Furthermore, these stats can be viewed by a number of third party sites and services for free. One that I saw some players mentioning in comments was Leetify. And while I cannot vouch for that service myself, it does seem to come highly recommended for checking out a plethora of detailed player statistics.

Is this Valve's way of testing to see if a Dota Plus subscription system would be accepted in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? That could very well be the case.

The full list of changes from last night's update can be found below.

Changelog for May 3, 2021

  • Operation Broken Fang has come to an end. Players who have unredeemed operation stars will have until May 15th to claim their operation rewards.
  • Introducing CS:GO 360 Stats – A subscription service for players that want to continue collecting official Competitive and Wingman stats.
  • Premier Competitive remains available for all players featuring pick/ban process across the entire Active Duty Group map pool.
  • Retakes remains available and has been moved into Wargames.

  • Introducing the Snakebite Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Broken Fang Case set of gloves as rare special items.

  • Chicken models have received a visual upgrade.
  • Fixed community maps whose textures would appear black as a result of previous security fixes.
  • The \ key can again be bound to commands. If you were using this key before, you will need to bind it again.
  • Additional security and stability improvements.
  • Added an option for large community maps to fade the Boost Player Contrast feature beyond the far-Z fog plane by setting fadeplayervisibilityfarz to ‘true’ in info_map_parameters.

  • Ancient has been added into the current competition map pool Active Duty Group and Train has been removed from Active Duty Group.
  • Grind and Mocha have been added to official matchmaking in Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes, replacing Apollo, Engage, and Anubis.
  • Calavera and Pitstop have been added to official matchmaking in Wingman game mode, replacing Elysion and Guard.
  • Ancient:
    • New route from CT spawn to A site
    • Widened T entrance to left side of mid
    • Opened up skylight in T tunnel to A site
    • Extended plantable bomb zone in B site
    • Opened up ledge in A site
    • Various minor bugfixes
  • Nuke:
    • Fixed a clipping issue on window in T lobby
    • Centered a lamp that was bugging me
  • Frostbite:
    • Overhauled interior lighting
    • Fixed delivery drones being stuck in the bottom right corner of the map
    • Added drone clips to improve delivery drone navigation
    • Fixed rare cases of loot spawning in inaccessible areas/inside terrain
    • Made a window frame in Alpha non solid (thanks Musti)
    • Clipped wood railings in the frozen lake area
    • Improved the look of the ice texture when Shader Detail is set to Medium or lower
    • Fixed a missing face on a wooden beam in Town
    • Added a sound effect in server room