Other SKUs coming soon.
Valve Index

Valve just put out a small announcement today saying that those looking to purchase the full Valve Index VR kit can do so right now without having to make a reservation. For the past month or so of release, the only way to actually purchase and obtain one of these kits was to make a reservation through Steam and wait patiently.

Right now, Valve is only offering the full Index VR bundle without a reservation and only in the United States. They say that other SKUs for the States will be coming soon. This probably means that if you just want the controllers or the headset without controllers, you will still have to wait. Valve also continues on to say that those in international territories will also have to wait just a bit for the reservations to be a thing of the past.

It's obviously important to note here that the full Valve Index VR Kit can be yours for a mere $999.00 (USD).

The full Valve Index VR bundle is now available for immediate shipping in the US. Released late last month, the Valve Index VR system has been called the best VR experience currently available by numerous publications. Initial quantities were outpaced by demand so, as a result, users were asked to reserve their hardware as new kits were in production. Starting today, immediate orders are available for customers in the US and a similar announcement will be forthcoming for other US SKUs as well as those in other international territories. All prior reservations will be honored.