Another free weekend? Yes, another free weekend.
Infographic showing the dates and content included in a free multiplayer weekend for a game.

For at least the second time now, Activision is offering players a full weekend to play the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for free. This free multiplayer weekend will give you access to six multiplayer maps, eight game modes, and access to the first part of the Special Ops Raid.

This free weekend won't include every multiplayer map, perhaps in an effort to save some storage space on your machines. It includes a handful of the "Core" maps, which are the 6v6 maps. There is also just one Battle Map, which is the larger map type used in game modes like Ground War. The Atomgrad raid content is just the first episode and it just so happens that this free weekend comes right as the second raid episode was released.

Here are the full details about this free trial period.

Core (6v6) Maps: Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, Shipment, Dome, Himmelmatt Expo (NEW!)

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Gun Game, Infected, One in the Chamber, All or Nothing

Battle Maps: Santa Seña

Battle Map Modes: Ground War, Invasion

Special Ops: Atomgrad — Special Ops Raid Episode 01 (Standard difficulty only)

Modern Warfare® II Multiplayer Free Access begins on March 16 10 AM PT and ends on March 20 at 10 AM PT. An additional download is required to play. See your platform for details on file size.​