And just like that, they're gone again.
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Just yesterday, we delivered news about the new update for Call of Duty: Warzone that brought back attack helicopters to the game. They were previously removed back in late 2020 because they allowed players to turn invisible, which isn't something that is necessarily good to have in a battle royale game. Go figure.

Just a day later and here we are talking about how the attack helicopters are once again removed from the game due to the same exploit showing up once more. It turns out that Raven didn't fully patch the exploit that allowed players to become invisible killing machines.

It wasn't made immediately clear if this invisibility exploit is the exact same one as from December 2020, but the end results were the same nonetheless. Raven heard the numerous complaints from players and rather quickly removed the attack helicopter from the game once more. The Trello page for Black Ops - Cold War and Warzone just says the issue is under investigation.

According to a number of other reports, the infinite stim glitch is still also present in the game. If you are thinking about hopping into Warzone, be sure to keep that in mind.