This free play period is only available on Steam.
Soldiers yelling and engaging in a warzone set near some sort of mining area or industrial plant.

Just a little note here to say that PC owners can play Battlefield 2042 for free from now through until March 16. It's only a couple of days, but it's better than nothing.

This free play period seems to be available only through Steam. You can download and start playing right now if you have some free time.

This free period comes a short time after the release of Season 4: Eleventh Hour. This is currently the best that Battlefield 2042 has ever been, so if you find out you still don't like it, then this one just isn't for you. If you do end up liking it, you'll be able to purchase the full game for a massive 70% discount of the standard edition or 55% off the Ultimate Edition.