Visit a land full of medieval culture and architecture.
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On June 6, 2022, those playing The Elder Scrolls Online on the PC, Mac, and Stadia will get to hop into the upcoming High Isle chapter. Xbox and PlayStation players will get this new content on June 21, 2022. Players can pre-order the new Chapter right now through either the ESO store or from their platform of choice.

What is High Isle? It's a place where the lands are still pretty into the whole idea of medieval culture and architecture. There are lots of "magnificent" castles and tournament grounds. It's also the place where this year's new content Chapter will take place.

High Isle's Chapter will have a focus on political intrigue and will also serve as the "perfect getaway destination for alliance delegates to take on peace talks that would put an end to the Three Banners War." This meeting is being hosted by the Society of the Steadfast, but players should be made aware of The Ascendant Order "and their chaotic motives."

High Isle sits on the Systres Archipelago and takes inspiration from the real-world locations of the Mediterranean. High Isle is also home to the Bretons. The 1% live in the "feudalistic society" of Gonfalon Bay, the "center point of all political dealings on High Isle."

Other additions throughout 2022 for ESO players include two new companions: "Ember, a Khajiit who grew up on the streets and has a knack for magic, and Isobel, a Breton and aspiring knight who feels called to do right by players."

There will also be a new card game called Tales of Tribute that you can play within ESO.

Invented in High Isle, this is a unique, resource-building game complete with PvP and PvE. Players can even increase their rank through Tales’ own leveling system. Plus, there are cool rewards to be unlocked like furnishings, transmute stones, and even advancing a storyline by competing against specific NPCs around the world.

As part of our base game patch and coinciding with the launch of High Isle, players can look forward to Spanish text translations arriving on June 6 for PC/MAC and Stadia and June 21 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. While voiceovers will remain in English all legacy, current, and future in-game texts and subtitles will be translated into Spanish.

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