Gaming is not what it used to be, an innocent and fun way to spend some spare time. Today, technology has evolved so much that games and the design of games have taken on a different approach and deliver a different experience. Entertainment companies that design titles today make use of behavioral psychologists to make sure that develop titles will lure players in and keep them playing.

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With every new release, there is evidence that titles are designed to exploit addictive natures and are often targeted towards vulnerable players. Video games are designed to appeal to kids and gambling options attract those with an addictive personality. Both are addictive. We have all seen teens gaming for hours and adults gambling away their savings.

Video games and gambling both operate in the same manner and offer features that prolong play and reward players through stimulating sounds and effects and even real money rewards.

The Use of Loot Boxes
One common thing between the two is the use of microtransactions. These target impulse buyers. Loot boxes have become a popular mechanic used in gaming and it is also a scheme used by casinos online. These boxes are a mystery box that can be purchased for the chance of receiving the desired item. These virtual items may not be achievable through standard play, so players pay for loot boxes to enhance gameplay.

When players purchase a loot box, they will enjoy an element of surprise. This is similar to winning on slot machines, where you receive a payout amount that will motivate you to continue playing.

The concept of loot boxes extends to gambling as well. At online casinos, you will find sites to offer special promotions that require a deposit. When claiming these offers, players will receive free funds, free spins, among other special incentives.

Many players who engage in play at an online casino sites will find it easy to make multiple deposits to benefit from these rewards. An Instant Bank Transfer casino offers a fast and simple payment option. This allows an online casino to capitalize on impulse buying. You can find many of these sites when reading a review of a casino site, you will find that each site will provide an array of bonus offers that can be accessed with a real money purchase.

Visual Enhancements
The entrainment software companies that design new titles are always on the lookout for various ways to increase player retention. Upgraded technology is one way to do this. Many software developers are taking ideas from popular video games to make casino titles engaging and exciting. Online casino selections now use stunning graphics and visual appeals to attract players. Using a combination of graphics and animations will provide an enhanced experience and draw the attention of new players.

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The use of enhanced graphics is one thing that leads to gaming addiction with video games, and with online casinos, the same thing can happen. By incorporating visual elements from a video game into a casino title, players return to certain selections for visual appeal, even if they are not winning.

You can see how enhanced graphics are being used in casino games by looking at some of the latest 3D slot machines online. NetEnt is one company that designs stunning 3D games that feature movie clips, top-notch animations, and realistic effects. BetSoft also offers such games where you will enjoy a realistic presentation and improved graphics that are similar to those used in the latest video games.

Incorporating Realism
As video games have evolved over the years, they have offered more realism. Today, players are immersed into a virtual world where everything is life-like. It is not only the video gaming industry that is using enhanced realism to create new, exciting titles. The same concept is being used at online casinos as leading software developers have started to focus on the offering of virtual live dealer games.

With a live dealer title, you will enjoy the feeling of being in a land casino as games are streamed in HD from land locations. They are played in real-time and make use of live and professional dealers. With the offering of these, players can enjoy a realistic gambling experience and benefit from social realism as they interact with dealers and players.

Incorporating realism has been the focus of many developers and you can find the latest and greatest video and live dealer games featuring titles that feature virtual play in realistic environments. These attract more players and provide a thrilling experience.

Professional gamblers often use these live options to compete with others and enhance their own skills. As an online gambler, you can engage in live play with others from around the world and can even pick up tips and skills of the pro gambler by playing with experienced players. By playing live dealer games, you can develop psychological skills that will have you playing right alongside the pros!

Problem Gambling
There have been many studies conducted on how gaming can lead to gambling addictions, especially among young gamers who have addictions already. With the offering of casino games on social media platforms, younger players are exposed to gambling games daily. With social media options, a gambling simulation is offered, and loot boxes offered on today’s popular video games can pave the road to gambling and possible gambling addictions in the future.

With many gamers playing titles that promote gambling habits, reports have shown that a large percentage of gamers seek the thrills and rewards from loot boxes and other game mechanisms that make each video game addictive.