More 90s action from Nightdive Studios.
Strife: Veteran Edition

The shooter genre mixes with the RPG genre today on the Nintendo Switch as Nightdive Studios releases Strife: Veteran Edition. This release is available today for a launch price of just $7.50 (USD), a savings of 25% off of its regular price of $10.

In Strife, a comet has impacted the Earth and caused a whole big mess of destruction and chaos. Part of this chaos includes the release and spread of a "horrific mutagenic virus." Oh no.

A sinister group, formed of surviving mutants, has attempted to take over the world. Your job, as a merc working for the benevolent group The Front, is not about to let that happen. Grab your guns and get going, as you’ll need to find the five pieces of the Sigil, a mysterious object that may take down The Order, or destroy what’s left of humanity — what happens is up to you!
Now, in addition to this release, Nightdive is also offering some discounts on other titles in celebration of today's launch. You can save 50% on the Switch releases of Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. This 50% off sale will run until October 31, 2020.

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