A year later and the rumor returns.
Switch models

In early 2019, there was a rumor that Nintendo was going to release not one, but two new Switch models. One was supposedly going to be a "Pro" variant of the base Switch model. The other would be a cheaper release that had a few cut features. At least part of that rumor came true with the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Sadly, the rumor of the Pro model did not pan out and the rumor seemed to have fizzled out. That is, it fizzled out until today. New reports from both Bloomberg and Taiwan's Economic Daily News say that a "Pro" model is still in development and is coming in 2021.

They aren't calling it a "Pro" model per se, nor are they really calling it the Switch 2. It's just an "upgraded model of (the) Switch console." Specifics of the upgrade were not shared, but it does seem as though the "Pro" model will include more graphical power and support for 4K visuals.

That would mean a significant power bump from the base Switch model if 4K is a goal of this rumored system. We hope to hear more about this Switch Pro in the months ahead, if this rumor does indeed pan out.