This is the "Gotta Farm 'em All" trailer. Get it?
Farming Simulator 20 Switch

A new trailer is out today for the upcoming Nintendo Switch release of Farming Simulator 20. Today's trailer is entitled close to a phrase that is probably already near and dear to the hearts and minds of Nintendo fans.

This is the "Gotta Farm 'Em All" trailer. In this case you aren't catching Pokemans but are instead farming up a huge variety of farmable stuff. This trailer "showcases just some of the huge variety of farming activities you'll be able to take on to become the greatest farmer ever."

You should check it out. You just never know when your favorite farm equipment will just up and disappear in a future sequel! This particular game will be out on December 3 for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. You can pre-order it now if you're so inclined.

Farming Simulator 20 will feature products from John Deere, the largest agriculture machinery company in the world. There are also tons of gameplay additions -- new machinery and crops like cotton and oats, as well as a whole new North American environment to explore and develop, livestock like pigs, cows, and sheep to look after, and even your own horses to tend to and ride!