Epic Games isn't the only company offering up a subscription based model for their game engine. Crytek is getting in on it as well and will be offering access to the CryEngine for $9.90 (USD) per month and will be royalty free for independent developers.

It's already a bit cheaper on a per month basis than the Unreal Engine 4 offering and it seems as though the "royalty free" means that any gross revenues earned from a commercial release will not go to Crytek. Of course, you will have to be an Indie developer to make use of that. Either way, that's going to be a very tough deal to beat.

You can find out more on the CryEngine at the CryEngine website. Keep in mind that Crytek still offers a free SDK for non-commercial use. Those looking to sell their game will need to at least pay the monthly subscription fee.

Regardless of which engine you go with, it seems like right now is a great time to be a hopeful game developer!