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It's that time of the year again, the time where you scour Steam for the biggest savings on the hottest titles. No, it's not the Holiday Sale. No, it's not the Lunar Sale. No, it's also not the Autumn Sale or the Halloween Sale or even the Golden Week Sale. That's right, it's the Steam Summer Sale!

From June 24th through to July 8th at 10AM (PT), you can save big on probably thousands of titles contained within this latest Steam Summer Sale.

You want Halo: The Master Chief Collection for half off? You got it! Maybe you would rather have Sea of Thieves for 33% off? Sure, go ahead! Why stop there? Why not pick up Battlefield V for 75% off.

You can do all this along with being able to Forge Your Fate. These new "destiny-defining micro-adventures will lead to an animated sticker and eventually a badge to earn. There are also new items available in The Points Shop.