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A Look at the Four Classes in the Killing Floor 2 Beta

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  • A Look at the Four Classes in the Killing Floor 2 Beta

    Earlier, I provided a relatively uncut (save for the audio) look at Killing Floor 2 gameplay. Now, it's time to meet each of the four classes that is available in the current build of the game for those fortunate to snag a key and those picking up the Early Access release on April 21.

    First up, we have my favorite class out of the four, the Medic. The Medic's primary weapons include four special healing variants of the usual suspects. This includes the class starting weapon of a pistol capable of dishing out pain against foes and shooting healing darts at friendlies. The rest of the arsenal includes an SMG, a shotgun, and an assault rifle. All of these also allow the player to shoot healing darts at their buddies while still retaining the ability to help take down all manner of infected.

    Next up is the Berserker class. If you ever wanted to go hog wild with melee weapons, this is the class for you. The Berserker class is granted special bonuses to their melee attacks and is proficient with all sorts of melee weapons including knives, the all-in-one Crovel, the katana, and more.

    The third class is the Commando class. This offering should be the easiest for most players to pick up and run with because the Commando excels in shooting guns. If you aren't comfortable with having a more specific role outside of just shooting and killing a lot of things using assault rifles and SMGs, then this is the class choice for you.

    The fourth and final (as of right now) class is the Support class. Support excels at wielding doors shut and keeping them shut. Support also receives damage bonuses and other bonuses for utilizing shotguns.

    We'll have a bit more Killing Floor 2 coverage later in the day, including a look at the three maps and a look at the characters and character customization.