Day and date with the other platforms.
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For every news post we put up about Hitman 3, it was apparently assumed that the game would be released on the Nintendo Switch at the same time as the other platforms. That was our mistake and it's one that we are happy to announce is actually true. IO Interactive confirmed today that the Nintendo Switch release of Hitman 3 will take place on January 20.

This is the same date as the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games Store (affiliate link) versions. Hitman 3 on consoles will be available for all of the current-gen and next-gen consoles along with PlayStation VR.

The difference with the Switch release is that it will not be running off of your personal Switch hardware. It will instead be streamed to you via the cloud.

For those that are getting the Deluxe Edition of the game, you might want to also check out the recent unboxing video that IO Interactive put out just this past week.