A new, more personalized news feed on your Steam client.
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Valve just rolled out a new and far more personalized Steam News Hub through their Steam client. This News Hub is said to be "flexible and personalized around your games and preferences, with many customization options built in."

By default, the new Steam News Hub shows news from games you play, wishlist, follow, or are recommended to you. You can also change all of that with a few setting adjustments from the left-hand menu. You can also choose to follow and get news from "dozens of top gaming news sources across a variety of languages." But why would you do that when we're here to give you the top news already? Jokes. We got 'em.

So you've got a personalized news feed. You have more choices for third-party gaming news sources. You can see what is coming up in your favorite games. There are game updates, patch notes, and just general update posts from top games. There are also Steam announcements and more. Heck, this new news hub is also mobile friendly meaning you can read the news on the go or when you're going. You know what I mean.

Find out more about this new News Hub here or check out the News Hub directly.