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    The Stuff That Dreams Could Be Made Of
    Guest review for Total Gaming Network by "Links".

    White Night
    everywhere. A library early on holds nowhere near the amount of books left lying around the rest of this dilapidated home. It really seems to suggest the books are the main focus of the game despite feeling like filler between what I feel should

    Locked camera angles also help to enhance the drama and visual styles in White Night. While I appreciate what they were going for in terms of the noir aesthetic, I felt restrained in the environment because of it. I felt as though I was automatically focused on what I needed to use or examine instead of being allowed to discover it for myself. The tank controls also made the game slightly difficult to navigate, creating a struggle against my character and the ghosts who had no issues tailgating me on my retreat. This made such encounters scarier, but for the wrong reasons. The controls coupled with the save system created more frustration than fear during my time with the game.

    White Night is a curious game, even if it's a bit predictable. With its references to two distinct genres, where unexpected twists and turns are welcome and interesting, it instead plays it safe. The game's big redeeming qualities are its style and presentation but without much in the way of story and gameplay to complete the package. If nothing else, your morbid curiosity may help you to see this one through to the end. Some people will be more than happy to dive into such intrigue, but I can see where others would close the door on this dame solely because she's mostly brawn and not much brain.

    + Noir Atmosphere and Art Design
    + Clever Puzzles
    + Effective Scares
    - Save System
    - Puzzles Difficulty widely varies
    - Limited Resource issues
    - Tank Controls
    - Locked Camera Angles
    Related Information
    Title: White Night
    Platforms: PC (Windows, OS X, Linux), Xbox One, and PS4 (Reviewed on PC)
    ESRB Rating: Rate Mature 17+ for violence, blood, sexual themes, partial nudity, and language.

    White Night was provided to Total Gaming Network for review purposes from OSome Studio and Activision.