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Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23

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  • Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23

    Battlefield V
    Earlier today Battlefield V was officially announced. I mean, we kind of knew there was a new Battlefield game coming, though the name being confirmed as "Battlefield V" is noteworthy.

    I say it's noteworthy because an earlier rumor said that the name would be Battlefield V, which has now been confirmed. The rumor also said that the game would take place during WWII. That has yet to be confirmed. However, given that the leaked image in the rumor utilizes the same color scheme as the official announcement, seen above, it does lend a fair bit of support to the WWII claim.

    Anyway, back to the news of the day. Though there isn't much to go on right now, DICE and EA said that there will be a live reveal of Battlefield V on May 23 at 4PM (ET). You will be able to see this reveal via YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, or the Battlefield website.

    On this date, the Battlefield V team "will share their vision."

    Battlefield V. 5. 5 follows 4. Battlefield 4. Four times five is 20. Vision. 20/20 vision. Eyes. Ocular. Oculus Rift. BATTLEFIELD V IS A VR GAME EXCLUSIVE TO THE OCULUS RIFT!!! Nailed it.