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BioWare Re-Confirms New Dragon Age but Delays Anthem

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  • BioWare Re-Confirms New Dragon Age but Delays Anthem

    Dragon Age
    BioWare says that they are still working on a new Dragon Age game. I'm sure many fans have been a bit afraid about the fate of the franchise ever since the tepid response to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect: Andromeda sold quite well according to EA themselves. It just happened to be panned by both critics and consumers alike, mainly due to its multitude of bugs, somewhat boring story, and poor mission design.

    Today's confirmation of more Dragon Age came from Mark Darrah, the Dragon Age executive producer.

    That is about the extent of the details that were provided. We have nothing more beyond that when it applies to Dragon Age 4 or whatever it may be called.

    It was also revealed today by Kotaku that BioWare's online multiplayer shooter, Anthem, has been pushed to a 2019 release window. The game was initially aiming for a Fall 2018 release. Anthem is already drawing the attention of some fans that hope it will be the game Destiny was "supposed" to be. The delay seems to be due to the fact that a lot is riding on this game for both BioWare and EA.

    You know what? I sure hope EA is at least open to delaying the game even further if it still isn't ready when March 2019 rolls around. Let BioWare take as much time as they need on this. Give them an extra year or two if they need it, especially if it means that they won't release another game in the same state that Mass Effect: Andromeda released in.