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Mirror's Edge and Plants vs. Zombies Coming Early 2016

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  • Mirror's Edge and Plants vs. Zombies Coming Early 2016

    EA's latest financial reports, released yesterday, say the company plans to release the new Mirror's Edge early in 2016. Along with this, a new console and PC release of a new Plants vs. Zombies game is also expected in the same release window.

    Prior to this, EA will release the 2016 versions of their popular sports titles including FIFA 16, Madden NFL 16, NHL 16, and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. The quarter after that will include new releases of NBA Live 16, a new Need for Speed title, and Star Wars: Battlefront.

    Speaking of Battlefront, EA is estimating that they will sell between 9 to 10 million units across all platforms. Given their history of overestimating on sales, this one might be a bit too conservative. A few tidbits of information on Battlefront also reveal that the game will not use iron sights and will ship with 12 maps.