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Hello Games LinkedIn Allegedly Hacked, Tweets "No Man's Sky was a Mistake"

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  • Hello Games LinkedIn Allegedly Hacked, Tweets "No Man's Sky was a Mistake"

    Earlier today, the Hello Games Twitter account Tweeted out that "No Man's Sky was a mistake" to the public. The Tweet came via their linked LinkedIn account leading many to doubt the validity of such a statement actually coming from someone at Hello Games.

    The Twitter account was set to private shortly after the posting, though an image of the Tweet can be seen above.

    After this happened, various sites attempted to get a statement from Sean Murray of Hello Games. Polygon received a reply from someone using Sean Murray's email.
    “The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down,” he wrote in the email. “We have not been coping well.”

    Forbes contacted Hello Games to which they were told that a "disgruntled employee" had made the Tweet and that they were "currently trying to sort out the issue."

    Shortly after these statements were made, Sean Murray broke his multi-month long silence to issue the following statements via his personal Twitter account. First he said that their server was hacked and then followed up by saying that "if anything was a mistake, it was using Linked In [sic] without 2FA."

    If the statements about being hacked are true, that is a completely abhorrent action to take. I don't care how much you are upset about a video game, there is simply no justification for this.