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Valve Addresses Major CS:GO Hitbox Issue with Opt-in Beta Patch

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  • Valve Addresses Major CS:GO Hitbox Issue with Opt-in Beta Patch

    A couple of short days ago, it was discovered that the hitboxes were way off for players that turned just slightly. It was found that if a player moved their view just enough that only their character model's upper torso moved, it would throw the hitboxes off by a significant degree for almost the entire model. This included the oh so important head hitbox, which naturally resulted in people missing headshots they feel like they almost certainly should have hit. The community affectionately called this "getting CS:GO'd." It's not exactly the high point of creative names, but it did result in a ton of images, gifs, and videos of this bizarre phenomenon happening to people of all skill levels.

    People knew there was an issue but they just didn't know why or what caused it. Thanks to the efforts of people like maddada_ and Spurks via Reddit, the cause was discovered. You can see an example of the bug in action right here.

    And one more video showing off the hitboxes more clearly.

    Less than 24-hours after the cause for this major hitbox issue was discovered, Valve released a beta patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The update was released early yesterday morning for those who wish to opt-in to test the fix along with many other important fixes for the game.

    This patch is currently being tested by the community. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, here is how you can opt-in:
    1. Right click on CS:GO in your Steam library
    2. Go to Properties
    3. Click on the Beta tab
    4. Select "" f rom the drop down menu

    Server owners can run "+app_update 740 -beta" in SteamCMD.

    The current list of changes are found below. I will give props to Valve on this quick turnaround for fixing the issue once the cause was discovered.
    Changelog for CS:GO (BETA patch) for September 9, 2016

    Any and all bugs should be reported. It seems like there's already a huge Reddit thread full of bug reports that you can make use of.