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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Brings Genghis Khan Back to Life

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  • Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Brings Genghis Khan Back to Life

    Genghis Khan was, as some would say, a wee bit power hungry. It seems fitting that he and the Mongolian empire would be represented in the upcoming Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion. Will you be able to replicate the size and scope of his empire? Maybe, that's kind of on you and your own abilities. If you do, you'll have some of the following to help you along your potential rise to glory.
    The Mongolian Keshig (loosely translated as “The Favored” or “The Blessed”) were the elite imperial guard of the Great Khan. Split up into daytime (Torguud) and nighttime (Khevtuul) based troops, these mounted warriors were originally comprised of Genghis Khan’s most loyal fighters. The Keshig were well-equipped, using their composite bows and mobility to harry opponents from a distance. As horse archers, they were second to none. The Keshig served as bodyguards and they are the perfect escort for slower-moving civilian and support units – and can get them to travel at a faster movement rate.

    “Ordu” means “palace tent.” However, an ordu was something much more than just a simple tent—it was the center of the tribe for the nomadic Mongolians.

    An ordu served as the mobile headquarters and main encampment for the Khan and his warriors. Though built for travel, it had style, from simple decorations to carefully sewn patterns. The ordu moved with the Khan and his warriors as they went on campaign, ensuring they always felt at home no matter where they traveled. That’s why ordus grant a movement bonus to light and heavy cavalry.

    Genghis Khan’s feared Mongol Horde – and his reputation for utterly destroying enemies – made him legend. With Genghis Khan’s unique ability, all Mongolian cavalry class units gain a combat bonus and a chance to capture enemy cavalry class units to further grow his horde.

    You can take over the world on February 8 when Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is released. In total there will be nine leaders and eight civilizations when this expansion drops.