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System Shock Reboot Switches to Unreal Engine

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  • System Shock Reboot Switches to Unreal Engine

    So long Unity, hello Unreal Engine! The System Shock reboot has moved onto the Unreal Engine 4, which should appease those that find the performance on Unity to be a bit lacking.

    Developer Night Dive found that "Unity is not a great engine to use if you want to make an FPS on console." This is according to statements made to Polygon by game director Jason Fader at GDC.

    Maybe one day Unity will fix its performance woes. One day. That day is not today though.

    Night Dive released a new trailer showing off the work done with the new engine along with some new screenshots. Right now, System Shock is aiming for release somewhere in the middle to late 2018 range. The team says that while the game isn't "open world" it will be "openly explorable." They say that they see the game as "more of a Metroidvania-style game."