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Final Fantasy XV Somehow Broke Even on Launch Day

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  • Final Fantasy XV Somehow Broke Even on Launch Day

    Square Enix must be pretty happy with how fans responded to the release of Final Fantasy XV. First they said that just two days after launch the game had already sold more than 5 million units. Now, they're telling us that the game broke even on development costs on its launch day.

    Director Hajime Tabata told DualShockers this rather impressive factoid. Since then, Square Enix said that the game has announced that the game has shipped over six million units as of January. By now? Who knows but it's probably a safe assumption that it's been turning a profit for Square Enix.

    It's remarkable that Final Fantasy XV was able to break even in its first day given its rather *ahem* lengthy development. Of course, this figure of "breaking even" may not apply to the game back when it was still known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Those losses may have already been written off by the time development shifted to Final Fantasy XV.

    Square Enix will release their quarterly financial statement in April, so we'll get a clearer picture then how the game is doing. Right now, 70% of the team is reportedly still working on the game, be it for the VR content or the upcoming DLC, both free and paid. The first major update comes February 21 with enhanced PS4 Pro support, a level cap increase to 1210, and limited time hunting quests. A month later will be the update that addresses issues with Chapter 13 alongside the Gladiolus focused DLC.