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Sony and Nintendo Dominate NPD for May 2014

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  • Sony and Nintendo Dominate NPD for May 2014

    The NPD figures for May are in and it looks like Sony once again dominates in hardware. Sony once again said that they are the "best selling hardware" for the month of May. Nintendo came out with a nice surprise and revealed that the Nintendo 3DS is the second best selling piece of hardware for the month. In addition, they revealed that the Wii U has sold over 60,000 units in May. Even more impressive when you figure that Mario Kart 8 was only on sale for two days during the figure gathering period for the NPD.

    Speaking of Mario Kart 8, that game debuted at the number two position on the software sales chart, beat only by Watch Dogs.

    Not too bad for Nintendo when you see that their two offerings are the only games on that list that are out on just one platform each and everything else is multi-platform. Overall, hardware sales are up 95% compared to 2013. Software sales are up 57% when compared to the same period last year.

    There is no word on how many units the Xbox One sold in May as Microsoft has remained quiet. I expect that to be different when the June figures are released as their $100 price reduction will be in full effect.