In an interview with Game Informer, Rocksteady shared some information about Batman: Arkham Knight. One of the things they shared was that a single character in Arkham Knight has the same polygon count as an "entire Arkham Asylum environment."

Lead character artist, Albert Feliu, shared some insight.
"At the beginning, we started making characters that were about three to four times the polygon count and texture sizes of Arkham city," Feliu told the magazine.

"As we kept going with every character we just pushed it more. It's the kind of thing that sounds insane. Like one character is as big as the polygon count of Arkham Asylum, the whole environment."

He and the rest of the team at Rocksteady says that opting to target just next-gen consoles, the team is able to aim for levels of detail that are comparable to pre-rendered cutscenes.

Some of this visual enhancement can be seen in raindrops running down Batman's suit and wind physically interacting with Batman's cape. Oh, but there is plenty more. How's about no load times when going from exteriors to interiors?

How's about an environment that features almost four times as many enemies in Gotham City when compared to the previous title?

Game director, Sefton Hill, said that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 really reined in what they had hoped to achieve with Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. He also says that they will try their best to make sure they are getting the best out of both machines (PS4 and One).

I feel as though I should mention here (since there already seems to be some confusion) that Rocksteady did not work on Batman: Arkham Origins. Warner Bros. Games Montreal and Splash Damage (multiplayer) worked on Arkham Origins. WB Games Montreal is the studio that said they were going to focus on DLC instead of additional patches for Arkham Origins, not Rocksteady.

(via CVG)