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Bought the booster pack....................

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    Re: Bought the booster pack....................

    Originally posted by hawkers View Post
    yup wrote to ea support, nothing yet!
    tried all the methods when i searched on the tbf2 forums!
    ill try and see if i can play...

    *edit* nope still says i need to buy the booster pack! ¬_¬
    Thats aggravating i knkow, EA will write you back though, i dont understand why its like that but alot of people have trouble registering,
    oh i just thought of something, you got a ea account right? & when u log in to your account you have the tabs "my games" etc , one of them says "downloads info" make sure you see your game name in there, & note its the only name that the boosters will work under.

    best luck again:salute:

    Oh & how come EA done such a dumarse thing like that,how come you gotta register that stuupid code on their site, friggin weird. I mean when u buy the vanilla, u put cd in , instal lboots, u enter code, boom yur done. IMO its dumb


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      Re: Bought the booster pack....................

      Contact EA Support, i had trouble registering my booster packs, but i contacted EA and they straightend it out :yay: AND I GOT TO SPEAK TO A FKIN ENGLISH PERSON ON A SUPPRT LINE FOR ONCE HAHAHA!!


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        Re: Bought the booster pack....................

        on phone or by mail?
        i want the problem over quick!


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          Re: Bought the booster pack....................

          Where did you buy the booster packs from, the EA link? Did you log in with your gamespy account name?


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            Re: Bought the booster pack....................

            wooh, my problem is sorted!
            turned out the Code was already being used by somebody, so i gave EA a shout and they sorted it out!
            not gonna flame EA for a while!


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              Re: Bought the booster pack....................

              Hi, i also bought the boosterpacks and i have register problems.
              I fill in my right account name ( i copied it from my ea account so that cant be wrong) but when i do that i click on next and i get the same page again !
              A few times i went trough that and got to a few other pages where i read thanks for my order a this is how you must start up the boosterpacks( followed by instructions ed ).
              But when i want to play with them ( the boosterpacks ), the game ****in' says you got to register it or buy it?!
              I mailed like ten times with ea support and they give me wrong instructions which i already tried before so thats not helping either, DOES ONE OF YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW??
              I will be very gratefull if you can help, please email me to:
              if you have an idea what to do now.
              Thanks, Hedser.


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                A possible solution....

                I had the same problem. I already had BF2 installed. Couldn't find BF2 SF disk to buy, so went and bought BF2 with SF & Booster pack. SF installed and played no problem, But I couldn't seem to activate my Booster Pack using the Compilation Serial Number. It keep saying enter a valid promo code!!.
                Anyway I went into my BF2 client and selected "ALL" servers and sure enough, the EF servers were there, however when I selected "Road Rage" it came up with an error and said I had to install the game (which I already had). It game me the link to the EA Online store.
                Out of curiosity I clicked on the "Redeem an Activation Code" the next window asked me to enter my game activation code. So I entered my Booster Pack Compilation Serial Number and it worked. I can now access EF servers

                Hope this helps