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Graphical Comparison: The Walking Dead Collection vs Original Release

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  • Graphical Comparison: The Walking Dead Collection vs Original Release

    On December 5, Telltale Games will release The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection. This collection of 19 episodes will be available as both a physical and digital release throughout North America and Europe on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    The game, which includes all three current seasons, A New Frontier, 400 Days, and the Michonne mini-series, features some updated visuals. You can see those differences in the video and screenshots below.
    • We revamped the texture detail by generating high-resolution meshes (aka 3D sculpts) for all Season One and Season Two character heads and baking these sculpt models into normal maps. All other types of texture maps were retouched to enhance the original art style with more resolution.

    • In addition to increasing the vertex count, which increased the detail and curvature quality on meshes, we populated the scenes with many more objects, and in many cases, replaced texture details with actual geometry. We also changed the foliage structure and density for “hero trees” for better lighting and a more volumetric look.

    • We changed the shading from DX9 to DX11, which means a migration to a more versatile and customizable materials code. Along with the change, we introduced texture map sets instead of the single texture per material. DX11 materials make use of diffuse, normal map, specular, and comic-style ink line maps.

    • We introduced post process effects, from horizon-based ambient occlusion and geometric outlines to bloom effects and tone mapping. These are valuable tools for enriching the final look of the game and giving the entire collection more visual cohesion across all seasons.

    • We introduced new camera systems like lens-based cameras and auto-focus for a greater cinematic look.

    • We updated the UI to the newest version of Season Three and provided necessary extra menu pages.

    The Walking Dead Collection will go for $49.99 (USD) at release.