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  • Need for Speed Payback is Out Now

    Need for Speed Payback is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin. The latest offering promises to deliver "deeper customization" and a "diverse open world" with "blockbuster action moments never-before seen in the franchise." Get ready for an "edge-of-your-seat experience" that will have you "living out (your) ultimate driving fantasy." Ok.
    Set in the gambler’s paradise of Fortune Valley, players can drive as three different characters: Tyler, the racer, Mac, the showman, and Jess, the wheelman, each with their own distinct driving style. Together, they go up against The House, a nefarious cartel that runs the city’s underground. Drift up and down mountain roads, tear up the desert terrain, speed through the city, complete insane heist missions and earn enough of a reputation on the streets to get revenge in the ultimate race to take down The House.

    With cars at the center of everything in Need for Speed Payback, Derelicts bring all-new and unique customization options. Take a scrap chassis found on the side of the road and turn it into a supercar dream machine. Five unique car classes bring endless tuning opportunities for players to specialize their ride and leave challengers in the dust during Racing, Off Road, Drifting, Drag or Runner missions.

    Epic cop chases bring even more heat to the road in Need for Speed Payback. Smarter police mean it’ll take more skill to escape and fend off new reinforcement vehicles like Rhinos and Helicopters. Feeling confident? Take a chance on Bait Crates in the open world, which award players mysterious performance upgrades if they can escape an on-the-spot cop chase.

    If you love review scores, you may want to know that Need for Speed Payback is currently sitting at a 67 average at OpenCritic. That is not great.