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Civilization VI Fall 2017 Update is Here Plus the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization DLC

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  • Civilization VI Fall 2017 Update is Here Plus the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization DLC

    The Fall 2017 update for Civilization VI arrived today for those on Windows. The update is "coming soon" for those on Mac and Linux. The big change in this update is an overhaul to how religion works. The update is also out alongside the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack. This content is available for $8.99 (USD).

    The full list of changes in today's update can be found below.
    • Khmer
      • Civ Unique Ability: Grand Barays - Farms provide +2 Food if adjacent to an Aqueduct. +3 Faith and +1 Amenity to each city with an Aqueduct.
      • Jayavarman VII Unique Ability: Monasteries of the King - Holy Sites provide +2 Food and +1 Housing if placed on a river. Holy Sites provide a culture bomb.
      • Domrey: Unlocks with Military Engineering technology. Unique Medieval era siege unit. Can move and shoot in the same turn and exerts zone of control.
      • Prasat: Same yield as Temple. Missionaries purchased in this city receive the Martyr promotion. +1 Relic slot.

    • Indonesia
      • Civ Unique Ability: Great Nusantara - Minor Adjacency for Coastal tiles to Holy Site, Campus, Industrial Zone, and Theater Square. +1 Amenity to each Entertainment Complex adjacent to a coastal tile.
      • Gitarja Unique Ability: Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds - Naval units can be purchased with Faith. Religious units pay no movement to embark or disembark. +2 Faith to City Centers that are adjacent to Coast.
      • Jong: Replaces Frigate. Unlocks with Mercenaries civic. +1 Movement. All units in formation inherit movement speed. +5 to combat when in a formation.
      • Kampung: Unique improvement placed on Coastal tiles that are adjacent to a sea resource. +1 Housing. +1 Production. +1 Food for each adjacent Fishing Boat. More Housing, Production, and Tourism as you advance through the game.

    • Angkor Wat Wonder
      • +1 Population in all Current Cities when built. +1 Housing in all cities. Must be built adjacent to an Aqueduct district.

    • Ha Long Bay Natural Wonder
      • Two tile natural wonder that can be found on coastal terrain and provides +3 Food, +1 Production, and +1 Culture. +15 Combat Strength when defending in this tile.
      • The lands around the Indian Ocean flourish with many religions and many people. Heaven has chosen you to bring the light to all these lands. Is your faith up to the challenge? Can you convince the people of Southeast Asia to follow your religion? In this 50 turn scenario, compete to have the most followers of your religion, the most faith per turn, and the most foreign cities following your religion.

      • Destination city gets 1 pressure per turn of the origin city's majority religion (if it has one). This is the same amount as if that city was close by.
      • Origin city gets 0.5 pressure per turn of the destination city's majority religion (if it has one)

    • Added 8 new Relics



    • Ongoing stability improvements

    • Removed some of the least useful Gossip messages to improve signal to noise:
      • Buildings constructed if from 2 eras earlier than the constructing player's current era
      • Civic cultivated if from 1 era earlier than developing player's current era
      • Influenced city-state if not tied or higher than all other players
      • Land unit promoted if only to Level 2
      • Naval unit promoted if only to Level 2
      • Policy slotted if unlocked from a Civic that is 2 eras earlier than slotting player's current era
      • Tech researched if from 1 era earlier than researching player's current era

    • Move +1 embark speed from Cartography to Square Rigging
    • Allow friendly or allied spies to escape just before a nuke is detonated on a city they are in. All other spies are still killed.
    • Add Guilds as a prereq for Humanism so you have Theater Square before Museums
    • Change the Civic prereqs between Industrial and Modern so Zoo is required before Stadiums
    • Religious Idols Pantheon belief is now +2 Faith per mine instead of +1
    • Persian Immortal unit now behaves primarily as a melee unit with a ranged attack ability


    • Changed Jakarta City-State to Bandar Brunei
    • Added Motion Blur to leaders