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Fortnite Hits 7 Million Players

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  • Fortnite Hits 7 Million Players

    Fortnite sure has been busy these past couple of months. The game has grown to over 7 million players, which is about 6 million more players than it had at last check. Of course, that "last check" was only for the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode, so we were told.

    Today's milestone seems to be for all of Fortnite, though the accompanying image specifically says Fortnite Battle Royale. You know what? It's a lot of people playing some form of "Fortnite." 7 million people to be more precise.

    That number will more than likely grow with more people wanting to check that F2P game mode out before the core Fortnite game also goes F2P some time in 2018.

    To celebrate the milestone, the development team for Fortnite Battle Royale talks about adding duos, supply drops, and touches a bit upon weapon accuracy. The short of it is that duos are now in the game, supply drops are back, and dealing with the balance of hitscan weapons in a game like this can be difficult. Who knew?

    Here is a bit on what they're attempting to do on the whole issue with weapon accuracy.

    Our goal is to provide a competitive experience without losing our unique playstyle and crazy over-the-top moments that Fortnite Battle Royale brings to the table. We look forward to your help as we continue to hone the experience.

    For those of you who have strong feelings on this subject, we encourage you to participate in discussions on our forum. We also plan to spin up a PTR in the coming weeks where we can test out some different ideas and gather your feedback.