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Rumor: Halo 6 Coming to PC

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  • Rumor: Halo 6 Coming to PC

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Phil Spencer strongly alludes to the idea that Halo 6 will be released on Windows 10. He didn't explicitly state that Halo 6 is coming to the PC but consider this a very strong rumor right now.
    Speaking to PC Gamer yesterday, Spencer said he's "not about putting content only on console to manipulate Windows gamers to go buy an Xbox."(...)

    So why no Halo 5 on PC? Spencer says that Microsoft and 343 Industries are looking to the future. "Honestly the answer with Halo 5 is, I can go take last year’s game, rework it to go on PC, or I can have 343 look forward in what they’re going to go do," said Spencer. "You could say I’m cheating a little bit by doing a half thing with putting Forge on PC, because we kind of have the tools working on PC to see what happens, but this is what we did with Forza, with Apex. I said, 'This isn’t a full Forza game. Going forward, we’re going to bring our Forza games to PC complete.'"

    PC Gamer is taking the extra step here and say that you can replace "Forza" with "Halo" in the above quote and you have your confirmation. I say that without Microsoft explicitly stating that Halo is coming to the PC that it's still very much a rumor.