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ZeniMax is Now Suing Samsung Over Oculus Tech Used in Gear VR

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  • ZeniMax is Now Suing Samsung Over Oculus Tech Used in Gear VR

    ZeniMax has added Samsung to their growing list of entities that they're suing or being sued by over this whole virtual reality technologies thing. It started off with Oculus VR and Palmer Luckey, then John Carmack got (more) involved, then a jury awarded $500M to ZeniMax, and while Oculus VR is looking to appeal the case ZeniMax is out there suing Samsung.

    ZeniMax is suing Samsung over their Samsung Gear VR headset because it uses technologies by Oculus VR. By using those technologies that "may" have been conceived and created first by ZeniMax, Samsung is using technologies that infringes on ZeniMax trade secrets. Whew. Got that? Good.

    The lawsuit against Samsung is seeking damages and profits from the sale of the infringing works and use of trade secrets, along with royalties, injunctive relief, and punitive damage. Oh, and they are also looking to have Samsung pay their attorney fees, court costs, and interests.

    The full lawsuit can be found on Scribd courtesy of Polygon's Brian Crecente.