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Zenimax Forces Indie Studio to Change Name of Game

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  • Zenimax Forces Indie Studio to Change Name of Game

    Prey for the Gods was a game that was in development by a three-man Indie studio called No Matter Studios. Prey is an upcoming game from Bethesda. Zenimax, Bethesda's parent company, didn't like that another game had "Prey" in the title and decided to seek legal action against the Indie studio.

    To cut to the chase, the Indie developers may not have "Prey for the Gods" now, but they do have Praey for the Gods or for you fancy types. The devs mention this change in their newest newsletter.
    Wha!? Why are you now PRAEY for the Gods!?

    God help these devs if they also had the word "Scrolls" in their title too. If nothing else, it's nice that they're allowed to keep their logo. Hey, as a little bonus for those Praey for the Gods would-be fans out there, check out a new alpha gameplay video.