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GOG Galaxy Leaves Beta with Massive Update

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  • GOG Galaxy Leaves Beta with Massive Update

    The GOG Galaxy client received a massive update today that not only brings the digital distribution client out of beta but also adds in universal cloud saves, ability to limit bandwidth on downloads, better chat, and so much more.

    For a quick reminder, GOG Galaxy is an optional client allows consumers to easily download their DRM-free games, create backups of those games, allow consumers to roll back to previous game updates, and it supports cross-platform play. And now, let's look at the 1.2 update for GOG Galaxy.

    The 1.2 update is available now for those that opted-in to testing future updates. It will roll out to everyone this April.
    Universal Cloud Saves
    Never lose your progress again! New games, as well as all-time classics are upgraded with saves syncing and cloud backup.

    In-game overlay
    Chat with friends, check notifications or your achievement progress by pressing Shift+Tab in supported games.

    Choosing your features
    Customize the Client to your needs by selecting features you want to use, for a personalised experience and no feature-creep.

    Bandwidth limit & schedule
    GOG Galaxy downloads as fast as it can, but sometimes you might want to limit that. And you can schedule limits too.

    New chat
    Rewritten from scratch, it lets you stay connected with friends when playing a game or when using the Client.

    Out of beta
    GOG Galaxy is out of beta - only new preview features will be beta limited.

    Press F12 in games supporting in-game overlay to capture that epic moment.

    New hibernation mode
    On top of making GOG Galaxy even faster, auto-hibernation drastically reduces CPU usage when idle or playing games - to save your precious resources.

    New settings windowFPS counter
    Overlay includes frames per second counter to measure how well does the game perform on your glorious PC.

    Achievement rarity
    Whenever you unlock an achievement you will see how common or unique it is among GOG community.

    Desktop notifications
    Receive new messages, game invites or friend request notifications when in-game or when GOG Galaxy is in the background.