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Nvidia Counts Down to 1080Ti Reveal

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  • Nvidia Counts Down to 1080Ti Reveal

    Nvidia had their own (pseudo) announcement today. The company has put up a timer on their GeForce website. The countdown is for roughly six days from now (six days, 3.5 hours from the time of this posting to be exact) and it strongly hints at them finally revealing the GTX 1080Ti.

    They also included a small tweet earlier today saying "It's almost time" with a video that again highlights the "Ti" part.

    As the countdown takes us to February 28, it might be a safe bet that the cards will be launched at that point. Let's just hope that Nvidia doesn't do a "soft" launch with this, or worse, a paper launch.

    Either way, this Spring is looking like a mighty fine time for people to start upgrading their computers thanks to Ryzen, the GeForce 1080Ti, and AMD's Vega GPUs, whenever those actually decide to come out.