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HonorTheCall Exposes FaZe Clan's Ownership of Skin Betting Site CSGOWild

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  • HonorTheCall Exposes FaZe Clan's Ownership of Skin Betting Site CSGOWild

    In case there was still any doubt that members of the FaZe clan owned and operated the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin betting website, CSGOWild, this should help make things clear. HonorTheCall released another new video yesterday that shows the FaZe clan involvement in CSGOWild, which includes FaZe Rain and FaZe Banks.

    The previously undisclosed ownership of CSGOWild was exposed thanks in part to FaZe Banks' own admission of ownership from a series of private conversations. Whoops!
    In this part 3 we look at skype and twitter chats between faze members and web designers. Faze members clearly state that Faze Banks and Faze Rain own

    In part 2 of Faze Clan CSGO Wild Connection, we look at new evidence that connects the two business entities. The evidence suggests that Faze Clan are indeed the alleged owners of

    One of the owners of Faze: Faze Banks was the first one to order designs for his new site

    We also saw PhantomL0rd owns csgo shuffle and he talks about csgo wild is owned by faze clan in the chat.

    FaZe has repeatedly denied ownership in CSGOWild and did not disclose this ownership in any of their videos involving CSGOWild. This is, of course, very similar to what people like TmarTn and ProSyndicate did with their skin betting site, CSGOLotto.