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Rumor: Xbox E3 2016 Plans Leaked

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  • Rumor: Xbox E3 2016 Plans Leaked

    This is a rumor that should be taken with a grain of salt. A posting on the Xbox One subreddit says that a trailer teasing Microsoft's Xbox E3 plans will be going live soon. The trailer was supposedly seen by a few people, one of which decided to post their findings on the aforementioned subreddit without much in the way of proof.

    The user, dieklobrille, claims that the trailer is already sitting on Microsoft's servers and is just waiting to go live to the public at some point ahead of E3. However, it's what the user saw in the Xbox API that is more interesting.

    The trailer, uploaded here from another user, shows next to nothing. It only serves to promote the Xbox Media Briefing for E3. E3 2016 begins June 14, with various media events from Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, and EA taking place beforehand.