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Official Response from Koei Tecmo Regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

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  • Official Response from Koei Tecmo Regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

    Koei Tecmo has released an official statement regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and how it still isn't coming out in the West, just as they originally revealed months back.

    For those that don't know, someone on Koei Tecmo's community team decided it would be a great idea to not so subtly say that the studio wasn't going to release DOAX3 in the West due to the social issues surrounding women in games and how the company was facing backlash from particular groups already. At least that's how the remarks were interpreted by some people. The angry snowball started to roll.

    That quickly got the attention of the usual suspects and a mass outrage against feminists and "Social Justice Warriors" (or SJWs) kicked up in earnest. Some import sites even latched onto a particular hate group or two to score some cheap sales at the expensive of their corporate souls.

    Of course in the real world, there weren't really any complaints about the game. Most people were left scratching their heads as to just what the hell Koei Tecmo was talking about with those remarks. Simply put, most people didn't really give a damn about the game and certainly didn't think it was outrageous enough to warrant any sort of public outcry against it. But lo and behold, the pit stains of the Internet ignored the reality and instead twirled their barely there handlebar mustaches and adjusted their trilbies as they waged war against the feminists and SJWs that didn't actually exist in this fight to begin with.

    Even a voice actress for the Dead or Alive franchise was duped into believing there was outrage, when none actually existed. Here is Christine Cabanos, the voice actress for the character Rose, looking rather foolish on Twitter.

    As the days went on, the fabricated controversy provided Koei Tecmo with increased publicity and oversea sales to a market they never intended to sell to in the first place. It gave kindling to the assholes of the Internet. It gave at least one import retailer a chance to be complete shits on social media in order to attract those cut from the same stained cloth. Today, Koei Tecmo finally decided to issue an official response.