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Green Man Gaming Won't Have Star Wars Battlefront Keys at Launch

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  • Green Man Gaming Won't Have Star Wars Battlefront Keys at Launch

    Despite taking pre-orders for Star Wars Battlefront on the PC, it seems as though Green Man Gaming will not have enough keys for the game at launch. The retailer announced that they have already exhausted their current stock.

    The announcement was made via an email sent to customers that pre-ordered. Green Man Gaming said that they will be working with their distributors to ensure they have a healthy supply of keys and that those who pre-ordered should receive their keys within 48-hours of the game's release. By way of apology, Green Man Gaming is offering a 30% discount on anything on their site to those affected by this.

    Naturally, people are again questioning the validity of the keys that Green Man Gaming distributes to customers. After the incident back in May wherein CD Projekt RED blacklisted Green Man Gaming, it began to look like many of the keys distributed by GMG were from the gray market. That is to say, it is believed by some that the keys sold by Green Man Gaming are not directly from the game studios or their publishers. To put it more bluntly, there's a belief that Green Man Gaming are selling stolen keys.

    It was recently revealed that Green Man Gaming is allegedly not an authorized retailer for products by Activision. How then was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 sold through Green Man Gaming? That seems to be the million dollar question on many people's minds today. Some consumers that pre-ordered reported getting a Black Ops 3 ROW (Rest of World) key for use in Steam. Other pre-order consumers reported getting a key for the game plus the Nuketown pre-order bonus map. Still others said that the keys they obtained from Green Man Gaming for Black Ops 3 were simply invalid.

    Activision even sent out a response email to an inquiry asking if Green Man Gaming was an authorized retailer.

    A similar request was made to Ubisoft, with a very similar response.

    A GMG representative issued a response in the Reddit thread that brought much of this to the public's attention.

    To those that pre-ordered from Green Man Gaming, your best best to play Star Wars Battlefront at launch would be to request a refund and purchase the game through other reputable retailers.