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Pre-Load the Star Wars Battlefront Beta on PC

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  • Pre-Load the Star Wars Battlefront Beta on PC

    If you're on PC and wanting to play the beta for Star Wars Battlefront (which begins tomorrow, October 8) you can now pre-load the content onto your machine. The download is just under 11GB for the PC beta.

    Here is how to get your pre-load started:
    1. Start up Origin
    2. Click on the "Store" tab at the top of the Origin menu.
    3. Hover over the "Free Games" drop down menu and select "Demos and Betas."
    4. There should be a lovely banner at the top for Star Wars Battlefront.
    5. Click the "pre-load" button in that banner image.
    6. Download the beta.

    This beta will run from October 8 through to October 12, so you should probably get in early if you want to have enough time testing this beta.