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Vice City Imported to Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Vice City Imported to Grand Theft Auto V

    There is an ongoing project for Grand Theft Auto V that looks to create a bunch of nifty tools and custom content for online communities to use. These tools and assets will eventually lead to custom multiplayer servers with custom game modes and all kinds of custom goodies. That's the super simplified version of what FiveM is all about. From the looks of things, one of those custom projects is importing old GTA worlds into the Grand Theft Auto V engine.

    I've already seen bits and pieces of the older games working but none seem to be quite as complete as this Vice City conversion. Sadly, this map is not yet available for download.

    The creator notes that this type of conversion took them two years using Grand Theft Auto IV. Apparently, GTAV simplified this process by a great deal. It will be very interesting to see what modders continue to cook up in the months and years ahead.