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Unity Offers Support for Microsoft Hololens

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  • Unity Offers Support for Microsoft Hololens

    To coincide with Microsoft's reveal at the Build Developer Conference, Unity revealed that they will include full support for the Microsoft HoloLens.

    For those unaware, Microsoft HoloLens is Microsoft’s self-contained holographic computer headset, enabled by Windows 10, which is able to render high-definition holograms. HoloLens holograms are fully interactive digital objects and spaces that blend with real-life environments to make them seem like they exist as physical objects in a room. This kind of display, untethered to traditional displays like monitors, means a lot more of creative freedom in how we want to create applications to view and interact with information, education, entertainment, creative tools, social networks, and remote healthcare among other things.

    The Unity toolchain and pipeline are being augmented to leverage the unique characteristics of the HoloLens such as spatial mapping, spatial audio, gaze, gesture, voice recognition, and the ability to anchor holographic objects to specific locations in the real world. This ensures full integration for a seamless and efficient development experience that takes full advantage of the unique features and capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens. And of course, Unity for HoloLens tools will be included with Unity Pro and Unity Personal Edition with no additional cost.

    Unity notes that they are very early in the development stage. However, even with that, they note that Microsoft is using Unity for HoloLens "Holographic Academy" training sessions at the Build conference.