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Alleged Lizard Squad Member Arrested in Connection with Live and PSN Holiday Attacks

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  • Alleged Lizard Squad Member Arrested in Connection with Live and PSN Holiday Attacks

    At least one 18-year old has been arrested and detained in connection with the attacks that brought down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this past Christmas. He was arrested in Merseyside, England in connection with the attacks thanks to a joint effort between the FBI and the SEROCU (South East Regional Organised Crime Unit). In addition to having connections to the attacks and "suspicion of unauthorised access to computer material," he is also being held for "alleged threats to kill."
    Deputy Chief Constable Peter Goodman, the national policing lead for cyber security at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), said it was a "significant" arrest.

    He said: "This arrest demonstrates that we will pursue those who commit crime with the false perception they are protected within their own homes or hiding behind anonymous online personas."

    Investigators, supported by the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), said the operation also focused on alleged "swatting" offences.

    Swatting involves individuals giving hoax information online to law enforcement agencies in the US.

    The information suggests a threat exists so police respond with tactical units.

    Electronic and digital devices were seized by officers who arrested the teenager in Boundary Street, Southport.

    There has been no official word on if this person is associated with Lizard Squad but it seems like it might be the case. Lizard Squad were the only ones claiming any sort of responsibility over the holidays for the outages that spread far and wide.

    (via Sky News)