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Microsoft Allegedly Hasn't Paid Indie Developers Since September

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  • Microsoft Allegedly Hasn't Paid Indie Developers Since September

    According to a blog post on Destructoid by "TheKodu," Microsoft has yet to pay Indie developers making use of their XNA platform to publish games on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    It seems that this isn't a very isolated incident either. Indie developers on Twitter have come forward to confirm that they haven't been paid yet. This includes Ian Campbell from BootDisk Revolution, the developer behind Bleed and Freelance Games, the studio behind the Trailer Park King series.

    Indie game developers over on NeoGAF have also remarked that they have yet to be paid from Microsoft.

    Microsoft initially declined to comment when asked about the missing payments. Since the initial article went up on Destructoid, Kris Steele said that he has been in contact with Microsoft. While no public and official statement has been made by the company, Steele says that Microsoft is claiming there was an error with the sales data figures that they are now working on. He says that Microsoft hopes to pay these Indie developers within the next two weeks.

    (h/t NeoGAF)