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    Originally posted by TheDesert_Fox
    Quemical, you gotta keep the bitches in line, props for standing up for your rights.
    Thank you, thank you.

    There is a difference between being a team player and a chump that gets punked around. I would say i am a team player


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      Hey Quemical same thing happened to me recently - the noobs name was jejerome


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        happens all the time =(

        last time was when on suiz map

        i was on the eu side and i spawned and the gunship was there so i ran to it and some other guy was there he bet me and got to pilot so i sat in the gunner and he started yelling get out get out so in team speak i said

        "im not gettin out caus u want ure team m8, ure not both on a reserve list for it"

        then his mate replied

        "we have been using it all map we have a right"

        i told him to f off the he suicided the jet but i jumped out b4 he crashed the jet earning him a death for no reason

        so for pay back i didnt go on a mad team attack spree against them instead i swapped to pac since there jet was sitting there and none of them seemed to knw how to fly the damm thing.

        and imo im a good pilot since i knw how to fly them and evade missiles and the best trick outa all (let the gunner do the killing, yes i knw like wtf!, but there better at killing without u dying in the process) anyway i took off and destroyed a few tanks out there that were raping flags for ages (since i knw caus of being in team chat with the eu) and then i got hit bad so went for repair and some randomer jumped in the gunner seat.

        then got told that it was his first time lol

        but i just said gun the people and use tv when i spot the enemy heli and im hovering for a few seconds

        then told him how to work the tv missile

        then flew out and for a good 10 mins let him practice mowing fold then i got hit with a missile and started a long battle with the suicide pilot and his m8 gunner

        and tbh they werent that great was told after the map changed that they were practicing and i ruined it for them by basically fighting back and destroying them -.-

        also ended up that guy got loads of points =D


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          Originally posted by Paudman
          the noobs name was jejerome
          Different guy, but good to know.

          And Lt.ConVix, thats cool that you owned their n00b a$ses