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Good Squad Members Are Sooooooooooo Hard To Come By

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    Re: Good Squad Members Are Sooooooooooo Hard To Come By

    lol good example...

    Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.


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      Re: Good Squad Members Are Sooooooooooo Hard To Come By

      Oh my, how'd this thread manage to escape moderation?

      Well, no matter now. I'll go ahead and dole out the righteous verbiage.

      First of all, this thread is completely off topic, probably to the point of no return. Y'all should know better.

      Second, flaming and trolling are not permitted; you know who you are. Cut it out.

      Third, nation bashing or race bashing has never, never been acceptable here. This is your one chance; stop now or suffer the consequences.

      Originally posted by BlueKnightro
      It's pretty obvious that playing this game competitively by default makes you good at this game....the precedence these admins are setting is get good and you are not allowed to play on a server we pay for.

      the argument "if you don't like it get your own server" is a legitimate argument. But it is unfair.
      Admins have always set that precedent; ultimately, they want to be the ones to enjoy the game, especially if it's their money funding everyone's game. To a point I don't fault anyone for holding this belief, but at least if that's how you're going to run your server (I.E. catering to the more casual players), be honest in the ban reason. It is a complete affront to the player you are addressing, not to mention libelous, to call them a hacker especially in front of the rest of the server.

      We run TGN in the same basic sense; people are allowed to say mostly what they want. Should they conform to our rules, they are more than welcome to stay and contribute. However, we have a large number of members who like to walk the very thin line between rules violations (particularly for trolling) and acceptable post content. Odds are those people will either leave of their own volition after locking horns with the staff or be awarded a nice red name.


      On a side note, I feel a thread lock coming for leading this thread astray; I'll get a new one going where we will civilly and maturely discuss server administration when it comes to high-skill players.


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        Re: Good Squad Members Are Sooooooooooo Hard To Come By

        Enough. Some of you guys should be embarrassed.