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Buying a PS3. PC gaming dead.

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    Originally posted by Alex98uk View Post
    Yes, i do agree that PC is best at FPS, hands down. But, bar Portal, there just hasn't been any creativity lately. The main reasons i think this happens is because large companies such as EA are buying up small developers such as Bullfrog and DICE and just nerfing them. Secondly, piracy and difficulty of programming makes PC games less profitable than a console counterpart.
    Thats business.

    Of course. There will always be small developers out there making new innovative games for the PC niche market. The PC niche market was supposed to die in 1992 (16-bit beat out 1mb SVGA Video Cards) and again in 2001 ( crash after-effects and introduction of wide-spread public P2P piracy.)

    Anyhow, with all this speak of creativity - what have the consoles done recently?

    Originally posted by Alex98uk View Post
    Thing is, it doesn't matter who did it first. It's who is currently doing it best. And, at the moment (at the moment that is. Not last year or the future), console is. This includes things such as the Wii.
    You keep talking about PC creativity, yet you're saying it doesn't matter who comes up with the innovations first, but that it's about who does it better?

    Try playing Call of Duty 4 on the X-box Live/PSO P2P networks and then we'll talk.

    The sales system you're praising does function far better than the decentralized PC gaming niche's lack of a system, but it also has a major fault as Sega learned the hard way. The consoles themselves sell for a huge loss, just to remain competitive. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft rely ENTIRELY on their sales system to succeed. Which means if they aren't backed by rental and retail - they die. Badly.

    This means there is a very - very dangerous looming issue on the horizon. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are losing drastic amounts of money due to online-rental services. If the rental outlets start cutting back, this means that game companies will be the first ones to take the hit.

    The console market is trying to remedy this problem early with online-purchasing and even online renting, but it's extremely expensive right now... and the piss poor numbers don't show any signs of immediate relief.

    I'd say the future looks bleak for consoles, especially as computing hardware is getting bigger and not smaller. (Quad-core anyone? Aegia cards the size of a tank?) Consoles are already over-heating like nobody's business due to the fact that they tried to force all that hardware into a tiny box... not smart design...

    Of course, I'm not saying they won't over-come this, but the 2011/12 generation is going to be rough for console advocates. Especially as consumers scoff at the impendingly larger consoles, when they're used to the consoles getting smaller and smaller.

    Originally posted by Alex98uk View Post
    And this is why game devs are moving towards consoles because its simply more profitable and easier in the long run.
    Game Developers are moving to consoles because it's more profitable and the market is bigger. Yes. It's a good system that has made Video Games part of the mainstream since the early 90's. Post-Floppy PC CD-ROM games were once part of that until CD-burners became widely available. (Remember renting PC games? I do.)

    Note. That doesn't mean the PC market is diminishing. There is still growing demand. (and other casual game sites), Second Life, The Sims, and World of Warcraft's very existence are a huge boon to PC gaming as a whole simply by introducing millions of new gamers to the market.

    The smart bet is that PC gaming will remain profitable and innovative well until PC's themselves become obsolete. No. Consoles will not be what makes PC's go obsolete.


    • Re: Buying a PS3. PC gaming dead.

      blue ray>PC's DVD